2017 Videos

TEDxMidAtlantic 2017 “Superpowers” featured multiple short films before the start of each session. We received many inquiries about which videos were shown, and where people could watch them again. So here is a complete list!

Session 1: AWAKENING

A town in Iceland installs a head-turning, optical-illusion crosswalk to slow traffic and activate a public space.

TED speaker Adam Magyar creates incredible high-speed film of passengers on a subway platform at New York’s Grand Central Station, using a modified scanner sensing element.

Incredible dancing and choreography by Taylor Hatala and Kendall Harris, dancing to Panda by Desiigner.

Beautiful time-lapse photography of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park by Harun Mehmedinovic.

Session 2: EMBRACE

“Milky Superpowers” from Altunsa Milk demonstrates the “superpowers” derived from drinking milk from this UAE-based milk company.

From the “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” series, “Sonder” is the realization that everyone has a story.

The “People Are Awesome” YouTube channel compiled a 2017 “Best of the Year So Far” video.

Roller coasters invade Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Infectious dance-pop track from South African artist Jain, with an imaginative and visually stunning music video.

Session 3: ORIGINS

Incredible choreography with dancers suspended by cables using the face of a Boston skyscraper as their canvas.

Imaginative stop-motion animation explores the interconnectedness of everyday objects.

Director Anna Rose Holmer captures a collaboration between New York’s Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Academy Award-nominated composer Nicholas Britell, inspired by the motion picture “Moonlight.”

Session 4: RE/FRAME

A frame-by-frame exploration of the human aging process, from youth to old age.

Simone Giertz shares her questionably helpful robot inventions.

What happens if you train a camera on a tree in the woods for a year?

What would you see if you could look up from a watering hole?

Artist Serge Belo makes an amazing mosaic from cups filled with colored rainwater.

Session 5: PROTECT

Stop motion animation reveals the hidden motion in wood.

Is it possible to brew a cup of coffee from just a single bean?

A look back at the accomplishments of NASA’s Curiosity rover over its first five years of exploration.

Students from Baltimore’s Cardinal Shehan School sing “Rise Up,” in this viral video hit.

Session 6: DISCOVER

Adam Magyar’s high-speed capture of a subway platform in Shinjuku station in Tokyo, Japan.

Animal courtships — as performed by humans, to hilarious effect!

Beautiful animation by Max Cooper with a variety of interesting theoretical life-forms.

Incredible 3D rendering combines mesmerizing dance, motion capture, and improbable textures and animations.

Bonus Content

TEDxMidAtlantic co-curator Nate Mook produced the new HBO Documentary film “Baltimore Rising” (2017) with TEDxMidAtlantic speaker and star of The Wire, Sonja Sohn. This is the trailer for the film, to be made freely available online by HBO on November 20, 2017.